With the iOS 4.0 update and revamp, are there any plans to give the Android app some of the same love??

After looking at the beautiful job you have done with the new iteration of the NewsBlur iOS app, I was just wondering if there were any plans to show the ANdroid app some of the same love and attention? The new iOS app really does look great.


Take a look at the blog posts on blog.newsblur.com. Before this iOS update there was a nice big Android update. And I have a small update coming out tomorrow. After that, some bigger features will make it in.

What features in particular would you like in the Android app?

(1) Volume key navigation

(2) Offline reading, including download of content at intervals of one’s choice

(3) Sorting option

Can you elaborate on sorting option? What and where?

Simply a possibility to sort folders and feeds within them in the order of your choice. This would be better than to have to resort to numbering folders and feeds in order to get them in the desired order.

If these suggestions could be implemented, Newsblur would be just PERFECT!

As a current News+ user on Android, a few things I was thinking of are features I currently enjoy in that app.

  1. Split-View for 7-inch tablets (I have a 2013 N7, not sure if this is already available on larger tablets or not)

FIrst view would be split between Folders/Subs–>Selected Folder/Subs Current Stories

Click on the story, then it would split between the Articles for that Folder/Sub --> Actual Story

In portrait mode it would split until you clicked on an individual story, and then the story goes full screen (since there is less room than horizontal of course).

  1. In-app saving to Pocket, Readability, etc. Instead of having to share out to another app (I also use news+ for Pocket reading, so having Pocket installed becomes redundant but a necessitiy if I want to save something to read later) have an in-app login for those services that save to them without using the Android sharing feature (it is really nice and takes much less time when wanting to plow through some news quickly)

I’m at work right now and need to get back. I hadn’t used the NewsBlur app in a little while so I’m going to run with it for a day or two and post back. I’ve been using it though since last night so I know the previous apply. The split-screen would be probably my most desired feature, it works so well in News+ and I love how much quicker I can access desired stories without having to back all the way out to the front of the app.

I’d like the tagging of saved items to work the same way as the web version – i.e., defaulting to a tag with the corresponding folder name – and with the ability to edit.