Will shortcuts not work after you've scrolled down in story mode?

I’m on a laptop half the day and find shortcuts immensely practical, especially the intuitive ones you have chosen (props there).

Here’s my bafflement though. I will skim through feeds in feed mode, use the right arrow to go into story mode to read the one I want, but once I’ve scrolled down in story mode (using space) suddenly the rest of the shortcuts stop working. Pressing “u” won’t mark as unread. Pressing “n” won’t skip to the next story. Pressing left arrow won’t move back to feed mode. That annoyingly interrupts the flow, and I can only solve it by clicking inside the feeds pane or clicking the feed mode by mouse.

I’m not entirely certain this is consistent behaviour or a bug, therefore the question. If it were to be consistent behaviour of some kind, because, I don’t know, these shortcuts are only meant to work in feed mode, then ensuring that the left arrow works within (scrolled down) story mode would solve the problem. I read through a long story in story mode, left arrow back in feed mode and mark it unread there. It’d be a work around but not a fussy one at all, and it makes enough sense for someone to easily get used to it. In a perfect world though, it’d be great if the shortcuts consistently worked everywhere, wouldn’t it?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah, it’s quite difficult to get this one fixed, but I do have a plan. The problem is that when focus goes into the Story view, because it’s on another domain, I can’t get access to it to move your focus back to the parent window. The only way to get shortcuts back is to click somewhere on NewsBlur, but not on a place that will trigger an event and change the feed or story from underneath you.

The solution would be to proxy the story pages, which is something I plan to do later this Summer.

That’s pretty much what I had assumed was happening and why I avoided marking it as a bug. But if you know it’s annoying and it’s on the to-do list, that’s good enough for now. Usually only bothers me with the big news feeds that only show intros in the feed mode anyway, they’re hardly the majority of my reads.

Just putting in another vote for the resolution to this issue. I love being able to navigate both through the feeds and the actual Story without having to use my mouse. I’m definitely looking forward to this upgrade!