why there is no mark previous as read button in all stories section

I would like to see mark previous as read button in all stories section not only in certain feed or folder… i think it can be done fairly simpy… screen below


I’ve had the same question. I suppose if you put everything in one group, and then made sub-groups… You could use the parent group to mark “All Stories” as read.

yes I came to same conclusion but still, it would be much easier if that function would be implemented from beginning in all stories section :wink:

There is the “mark everything as read” option in the “Manage Newsblur” gear. However you choose “days” and 1 doesn’t work for "today’s news. Maybe “0 days” needs to be an option.

I know I’m just proposing workarounds…

Thanks for the tips, but for me it marks all news on list as read. Unfortunately so it wont be helpful, so we really need that mark previous as read function in all stories section for now :))

You can already choose 0 days in the Manage Newsblur gear (I’m using dev.newsblur.com). The default is 1 day, but all you have to do is move the slider to the left and it will mark everything as read.

We are talking about android app all the time not desktop version ;))

This should be filed under Idea, not question. And it’s a fine idea that I’m considering.

great I will make a topic in ideas section then :wink: J

In v2.0.2 the story context menu with mark all previous as read was added to all stories and folder views.