Why so painfully slow?

I’ve been comparing NewsBlur side by side with InoReader, using exactly the same list of feeds. I really want to love NB. I do really like the interface and how everything flows. BUT in the time it takes for me to get 200+ stories downloaded with InoReader, NB can only eek out about 25 stories. Furthermore, all the the stories show up 2-4 hours, or more, later than the very same stories from InoReader. What’s going on?

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With regard to the time, not sure what you mean by ‘downloaded’? What client are you using?  (I am a bit of a completionist so I very seldom have more than 50 unread articles at once, but I know other people have very different NewsBlur usage patterns.)

If you’re not paying for NewsBlur it does mean your articles get fetched more slowly.  You can always investigate the feed fetch frequency in NewsBlur on the Web by viewing “Statistics” in the menu for the site.  There’s also an “Insta-Fetch Stories” item which will immediately refresh a site if you need it for some reason.

So I see two points here. One is that feed loading is slow, and the other is that feed fetching interval is too long. I compare NewsBlur to all others and they are just about even in terms of performance.

NewsBlur is one of the fastest, and a common issue is that your browser extensions are causing performance issue.

Second is the feed fetch interval. I’m happy to look into cases that you think are mis-calculated, but if a feed publishes once a day then it is guaranteed to be fetched at minimum of once an hour, and that’s if the feed has only 1 subscriber. More subscribers and more published stories means the feed is fetched up to every few minutes. And of course real-time push is enabled for any site that publishes it.

Story downloading is not slow. But stories are not fetching in the same number or timeliness as the comparison with IR. As mentioned, IR might fetch 200 stories, where NB would fetch 20-30. In addition, there is quite a delay of 2-4 hours before the very same story shows up in NB. These appear to be issues with NB, since I’m doing a side by side comparison using the same set of feeds.

Right-click on the suspect feed and open Statistics. What do you see there?

Absolutely dreadful performance. Today, stories refuse to load. I do see “fetching…” at the bottom of the screen but after waiting for 2 mins, nothing.
And I paid money for this?

It sounds like your connection more than anything. I monitor site performance and as you can see on the dashboard, the server has been humming quite nicely this past week at 100ms performance.

Do you have any browser extensions? They are typically the culprit.

Connection is fine, getting 85MBPS download. I’m an IT pro and I’d know if anything was wrong. I do have browser extensions, but only reliable ones, and no, they do not affect any other websites.

Try with all the extensions off just to be sure.

It’s been humming along fine for me for all day. Using chrome and iPad app.

I have the same problem. If I use the Feed mode, the story opens instantly. But Text mode is not working properly (for all sites). Its either taking too long or not getting any text at all. It was working fine till yesterday. I have neither added or removed any plugins. I am using Chrome on Windows 7.

What are the http://newsblur.com/site/FEED_ID urls of the feeds when open on the web? I want to see how long it takes to load.

Everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks.