Why No 3rd Party App Love for Newsblur?

It looks like all of the 3rd party RSS clients on iOS and Android are supporting the same little clutch of RSS services, namely: Fever, Feedly, Feedwrangler and Feedbin.

Why isn’t Newsblur making that cut?


What exactly you don’t like about Official NewsBlur app?
I think iOS and Anrdoid version is enough.

Also, there’s at least two 3rd party apps for newsblur for Android, and some for windows, i dunno 'bout iOS, but i think i saw one.

Thank you.

The official apps are great. But I like to try new software sometimes. It’s fun.

I wonder - is the problem that Newsblur doesn’t allow 3rd party apps the access that they need? Or is Newsblur just getting left out?

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Reeder 2 has a very minimalist look which is useful. (Reeder 2 doesn’t support NB).

If you’re on Android, the gReader app developers have recently opened their app for extensions. So I wrote one for NewsBlur using Samuel’s API - https://github.com/asafge/NewsBlurPlus

It’s because they don’t see the need to compete with an actively updated ios app. Of the competitors on that list, they all have less featured ios apps than newsblur does for its own app.

This is simply a factor of how long NewsBlur has been around. Part of that is that I work on NewsBlur irrespective of the market that determines the financials. I’ve been doing this for quite a long time, so the rate I’m adding features has stayed constant, whereas I don’t think that’s true for any of the listed competitors. So if you need to do that much more work on a single service just to keep up with its features (or have its users yell at you, which does begin to weigh), then it’s best to skip that service.

I should also mention that the fully-documented NewsBlur API runs the iOS app, Android app, and all third-party apps (android, windows phone, nokia meego), as well as the website. Anything the web/apps can do, a third-party can do.

Gotcha. Thanks, Samuel.

So, it sounds like you’re saying that you have to work with the 3rd party dudes to get them to support NB. If so, I’d rather see you spend that energy keeping NB awesome instead. :wink:

I tried all the other RSS services I mentioned above before coming aboard NB and none seem to get it as right as you did with NB. And they still don’t.

I especially like the way you haven’t emphasized reading services - letting us see our RSS feeds in all their natural, web-by goodness. Very cool.

Keep up the good work!

IOS Newsblur is a fine app. However, I prefer Mr. Reader on the iOS. Im looking at switching services because of this plus this very annoying problem “Runs out of story items when reading feeds and have to reload page to get more”. This happens every time.

feature wise i think you’re unbeatable at the moment. no other app has the ton of little things newsblur offers.

design wise… well… not so much.

For android there’s GrazeRSS (previously know as News Rob) it’s my favorite rss software because it let’s me download feeds, images or whole webpages so I can read them even when I’m offline.

I’m working on a Windows 8 app (tablet / modernUI) using the Newsblur API, however it’s still very much a work in progress at the moment, so there’s no date (as yet) for a release.