Why isn't the password recovery link next to the login?

Where is the password recovery link on this web site?

Why don’t you have it next to the login like every other web site in the world?

Why do I have to search the entire site to find it?

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It is, you just have to try logging in first.

Probably because having a password is optional.

Currently the password recovery link shows after you’ve try to sign in with an incorrect password. I’ll agree that it’d probably make more sense to always show it. If you know that you’ve forgot your password or username looking for the recovery link is more instinctive that trying to log in anyway.


Thanks Hampus.

I’m setting my newsblur up on a new device and I knew I didn’t know my password because I use hard passwords and keep them on my main machine.

It’s much more intuitive to always have the recovery link always available.

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