Why is the android app forgotten?

The last ios app store update was on Feb 24, 2020, while in the android app version the last update was in June 10, 2019. If the focus of newblur are just IOS users then I will probably need to stop using newsblur.

The reason is because I made a poor hire last year and spent 6 months working with an Android developer who ultimately could not ship. The good news is that I hired a new developer about two months ago and he is nearing completion on a huge new Android feature, the dashboard widget. It’s looking really good and I hope to release it within the next month.

If you’re curious, here’s the code updates to the Android app made in the last month:


Thank you so much!
I will be waiting for it so bad now!

If you are comfortable with Android Studio, you can run it on your device today. Just use the app in the repo under the clients/android directory.


Version 10.0 was just released yesterday and it includes a new dashboard widget. Saved searches are coming next month.

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I saw it. I’ve already installed the new version.Thank you.