Why is one of my feed's unread count green?

Recently, on of my feed’s unread counts began showing up in a green box. (If it matters, it’s Kottke.) I assume I clicked on something related to the Intelligence Training aspects of the site, but I avoid that entirely so I have no idea what.

Is the green unread count an issue? Am I missing stories because of it? Also, occasionally there’s also a number in a red box at the bottom of the screen…what’s that, and am I missing stories because of it?

I guess my real question is if there’s a way for paranoiacs like me, who sign up for RSS feeds to see everything a website publishes and isn’t interested in setting up filters, to reset whatever training they’ve inadvertently caused?


It is the training… I would guess you clicked on a tag, making it green, and everything in that feed has that tag.
To reset, click the triangle next to the icon on your feed list, and click Intelligence Trainer. Click whatever shows up highlighted in green on the training window to reset it to grey, and click Save Training.

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Sweet, that did it! Thanks.

Glad to help, but I would recommend investigating the training at some point.
I don’t know whether you follow as many websites as I do, but when I came over from Google Reader, I thought I’d never use the training…
I realised that there were a few blogs I really looked forward to reading whenever they updated, so I greened them, and they stand out easily for me to pluck them out first thing in the morning.
I enjoyed most articles on a news site, but there was one column I never read, so I redded it, and now I don’t have to bother clicking through it.
If you have a lot of feeds, it’s a great way to sort things.

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