why don't you use a url shortner while sharing the link via twitter?

I cant tweet articles having long urls directly from the Reading pane if they don’t get shortened.



Doesn’t Twitter automatically shorten links? I figured I’d leave it up to twitter to do the link shortening.

Seems like it doesn’t or there’s a trick in their API, dunno.

It usually does. I think it’s something inside their API.

I’m not using their API, though. I’m just sending the story title and link directly to twitter.com/?status=etc. Twitter should be shortening those links once you post them.

Personally, I know that I would rather have the original URL, since my twitter client will auto-shorten anything I throw at it. The same should go for twitter.com, which is where you are sent when you share a link on twitter. Is there a different endpoint I should be using?

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May be this can help

why not register a new app at dev.twitter.com and send title and (shortened) URL via your new app? It isn’t difficult at all.

This would require user’s to use OAuth, which is a step too much when they just want to tweet a link.