Why does scrolling in the Feed View mark items as Read?

It never used to do that, I understand items have to sunset. But is this necessary?

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I get that we can move the “mark as read” line, but I don’t want it at all, Is there a way to turn it off?

I’m just going to keep on replying here.

Maybe I can hope to get answer if I keep this item at the top.

Sure, go to Manage > Preferences > Stories > Manually mark stories as read (or use a delay).

Or try the List view.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I’ve pretty familiar with all the settings. I was just really happy with how it worked before that functionality.

I understand it may be too much to ask for that to be a setting I can turn on and off.

The experience is close if i change the Mark as Read setting to Manual.

The only thing that is missing…
When the Mark as Read setting is to Immediate, clicking on the body of the story in feed view marks the story as read.

If i could simply click on the body of a post to mark it as read I would be happy.

As inane as it sounds… my right hand on the mouse, so I have to bring my hand back to the keyboard to hit u then back to my mouse. I thought there used to be a drop down for Mark as Read, even if it were there it would take two clicks on small targets to activate.

Let me know what you think.

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So it does that now, right? If you have it set to manual mark as read but then click on the body it marks it as read. I think that’s the best you can do with the Feed view.

I would be happy if that is the way it worked, but it doesn’t.

With “Mark a Story as Read” set to Manually,
Clicking on the body does not mark a story as read.

The only way to mark a story as read in this mode is by clicking the keyboard.
It’s a major bummer.

Fantastic feedback. Just deployed a fix for that. Thanks for your persistence!

Thanks, it works now!