Why does it keep nagging me to choose 12 sites to follow?

The sign-up page says the free version can have up to 64 sites. I only imported 20 some sites, but I constantly get nagged to choose 12 sites to follow? What does that mean? I can’t find anywhere on the website what that means. Thank you for your help.


Due to throttling issues with the massive amount of feeds being imported, the limit was reduced to 12 temporarily. The nag screen will continue until you’ve proceeded through the sign up flow.

I’m not the developer, so I have no idea if this will be changed back.


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Yeah, it’s only temporary.

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That sounds very reasonable, but there should be some indication that is temporary given in the nag screen. Most people aren’t going to check github, so it would be good to let them know.

Glad I got in to try a free account before the sign ups were suspended (I’m not one who likes to pay for things I haven’t tried). It looks like a great app. Keep up the good work!

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