Why can't the bookmarklet part the Facebook engineering blog?

Tried to add the FB engineering blog to NewsBlur via the bookmarket but clicking it doesn’t launch the dialog to add the site. Here’s the link:


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Works for me…

(In the unlikely event that this helps you in any way: I use NoScript and it appears that I have to whitelist Facebook, and not just NewsBlur, for it to work).

Not here on Google Chrome stable on Mavericks. I event re-added the bookmarklet just in case. No luck.

Even adding it manually doesn’t work. Here’s a screenshot of the message I get when adding it manually.

It’s telling the truth, there is no RSS feed at that address and nothing linked from the website. They just don’t publish an RSS feed.

That makes sense. So can the bookmarklet offer the same feedback so it doesnt look like it’s not working?

It should be handling that already. Let me check…

Yep, it does.

Hmm, when I click on the bookmarklet, nothing happens. No dialog, no message. Nada.

Chrome Stable on OS X Mavericks