Whoa, Safari's pinned NewsBlur icon looks SMOOTH!

I’ve spent most of my time in the NewsBlur beta lately, so imagine my delight upon loading the web app and seeing the new pinned site icon! My pinned sites no longer reads “N E N”
Thank you so much for adding this!

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I wish I was better at vector editing. If anybody wants to take a stab and turn it into a better cutout of the NewsBlur sun, please give it a try. Here’s the SVG file: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/tree/master/media/img/vectors and https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/blob/master/media/img/favicon.svg

Nice, now I have a crisp new icon for the Newsblur desktop “app” I made with Fluid…! Thanks.

I know just the graphic designer for this task, I want to make sure I understand what your request entails before calling her up. You’re interested in taking the supplied SVG file, and knocking out the yellow elements. Lastly the shapes are colored 100% black. Let me know if I’ve missed anything, and I can go ahead and let her know.

I tried dictating this message and it was a total failure. thank you Siri

SVG files created and tested - happy to help.

Ben, you rock! Also, I’m glad I asked. Deployed. As usual, your cache either needs to be cleared or just wait a day or so. Maybe a reboot? I don’t know, it’s black magic.

Here’s the commit: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/commit/5c2f085f3550d400e1d2c65e128b89aeb351266f

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Looking good! 

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I was surprise to see this icon as well. It’s just so outstanding among all the other pinned sites! Thank you!