Where's the button for simply adding a blog?

I migrated over from Google Reader. Due to other stuff in my life, I haven’t had time to study Newsblur. Now I’m trying to simply add a blog to my lists. I can’t find a simple How To help place. Everything seems complicated. Do you have a step one, two, three type of Help? Also I have 25 blogs listed, but when I was mousing around yesterday, NewsBlur was telling me that I have 75 blogs. What’s that all about?

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Ok, I did finally find it and added a blog. The Plus sign is at the bottom left corner of the screen. ANd often it is covered up by the URL etc of the web page which is opening at the time. Not exactly obvious. Not labeled at all when one mouses over it.

If you go under preferences and Goodies, there are also some extensions and URLs you can use with your browser to allow for auto adding. For example, they have the Custom URL to use with Chrome’s RSS features: http://www.newsblur.com/?url=%s

I know it’s not a direct answer, but you’ve already figured that out, but still helpful for adding feeds.

Also, if you already know what folder you want to put the feed in, you can right-click the folder and then select “Add a site to this folder”.