Where will get confirmation code of email? Setting Up Newsletter

I am trying to setup newsletter, I have added my newsblur email in gmail forwarded, but where to looks up for confirmation code?

I am using selfhosted newsblur, so what step should i take so that, I can setup newsletter

which file do i need to edit?


urlpatterns = [
url(r’^receive/?$‘, views.newsletter_receive, name=‘newsletter-receive’),
url(r’^story/(?P<story_hash>[\w:]+)/?$', views.newsletter_story, name=‘newsletter-story’) ,

If you’re receiving the newsletter (assuming you have a public FQDN setup that Gmail can reach) then NewsBlur will create a feed with the confirmation in it, under the Newsletters folder.

This is non-trivial to do, which is why your best bet might be to use the hosted version that has all of this work done for you.

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This working on newsblur.com
but not on selfhosted version

The code I have pasted , should I have to make any changes in that , like replacing the domain with my own domain,

if yes in which places i should have to do that, & in past you mention about adding mailgun in between, will you please where should I add that

if its all this already covered in documentation please refer to me

Thanks Sam, You have created very awesome tool