Where will get confirmation code of email? Setting Up Newsletter

I am trying to setup newsletter, I have added my newsblur email in gmail forwarded, but where to looks up for confirmation code?

I am using selfhosted newsblur, so what step should i take so that, I can setup newsletter

which file do i need to edit?


urlpatterns = [
url(r’^receive/?$‘, views.newsletter_receive, name=‘newsletter-receive’),
url(r’^story/(?P<story_hash>[\w:]+)/?$', views.newsletter_story, name=‘newsletter-story’) ,

If you’re receiving the newsletter (assuming you have a public FQDN setup that Gmail can reach) then NewsBlur will create a feed with the confirmation in it, under the Newsletters folder.

This is non-trivial to do, which is why your best bet might be to use the hosted version that has all of this work done for you.

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This working on newsblur.com
but not on selfhosted version

The code I have pasted , should I have to make any changes in that , like replacing the domain with my own domain,

if yes in which places i should have to do that, & in past you mention about adding mailgun in between, will you please where should I add that

if its all this already covered in documentation please refer to me

Thanks Sam, You have created very awesome tool

Did you manage to make the Mailgun mail work?