Where is the shared stories section on the Newsblur website?

I have searched all over Newsblur and through all the menus, but I can’t find a Shared Stories section. What am I missing? I have seen a couple of posts on here that say “to manage your shared stories, go the shared stories section on Newsblur…” but I can’t locate it.

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There are a couple ways to see shared stories. One is to follow people. You can do this by clicking their name when you see a story they shared and following them. Alternatively, you can read the Global Shared Stories feed, which is a filtered lits of shared stories, and find people to follow there. Lastly, you can share stories and they will show up on your blurblog.

A few rather than a couple.

That wasn’t really my question. I know how to see stories that have been shared by other people, but how do I find the section on Newsblur that shows just the stories that I have shared?