Where is PAY button?

I’m not sure if my subscription expired.
How can I find out?
Where is the “PAY” button?
Isn’t it the time to have NewsBlur on Facebook?

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If you’re still premium, your subscription is still working. I’m going to be adding more granular subscription controls, including adding the ability to switch from Paypal to Stripe.js/Credit Card, and having the prorated difference (remaining months of a subscription) applied to your account.

As for Facebook integration, I’m working on an enormous social branch that will have more interaction with Facebook (if you choose).

Count me out of any Facebook integration. I hope we will not find Facebook cookies on our machines after visiting Newsblur.

After leaving Google Reader, I wouldn’t mind Facebook as a was to share. Count me in.

It’ll be completely optional. You’ll just OAuth into FB and you’ll be able to follow any friends you have on FB that are also on NewsBlur. Eventually you’ll be able to share stories directly to FB, or have your shared stories automatically post to Twitter/FB.