where did the "see all subscribed rss feeds regardless of whether they have unread stories" button go?

As I recall, one used to be able to click on or near the “x sites” text to toggle between “list all feeds with unread stories” and “list all subscribed feeds”. I’m not seeing that option anymore.

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Yup, this was folded into the All/Unread/Focus controls at the bottom of the feed list. Alternatively, you can use +/- to switch between those modes.

Since the preference saves, I figured it was OK to move that functionality to the bottom of the screen. For a while there it was in both, so that needed to be de-duplicated.

Ah, I see.

But then how do I get to my “red” feeds? Or is that gone?

Yup, those are now hidden. You can only get to them by clicking on “Show Hidden Stories” on a per-feed basis.