Where did the different feed views go (original, full text view, etc.)?

The different view options (original, full text, etc.) which used to appear on the top navbar of a feed are now gone. Is this permanent?

The full text view was the main reason I opted to pay for Newsblur, so seeing this gone without any warning or explanation is pretty disheartening.


Never mind. I am an idiot. They are moved to the bottom. Please delete this.

Can we move them back to the top?

Oh man, I really hope that’s added as an option.

That’s the new design. In fact, those view controls used to be near the bottom as of 5 months ago. I moved them back, as the active feed/folder title should be on top and ever-present. I’m much happier with this design and from what I can tell, so are many users.

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But…but…change is BAD!! Nah, I’ll just get used to it.

Thanks for the reply and your hard work!

Agreed. Not a biggie. The change wasn’t obvious to me at first, heh. Perhaps continue including this kind of change in the “new features” section of the homescreen?