When viewing all site stories (showing single story at a time checked) list of stories ends prematurely

I’m viewing all site stories, with “Show a single story at a time” checked, reading by newest first, and whenever I reach the last article that is shown in the article title pane, the feed ends (despite having more stories existing). In order to see the next set of articles, I then need to click “All Site Stories” every time I reach the end of these first 10-15 initial articles that are shown. Basically I’m able to read 10-15 articles at a time before having to click All Site Stories again.

A couple of things I noticed:

If I click on Article Site Stories, the article focuses to the first article of course. If I then scroll in the article title pane, the feed continues to generate (works properly). However, if I click on Article Site Stories and focus/read on 1+ more stories after the first, scrolling in the article title pane does not cause new stories to appear.

Side note:

I’m reading by single story at a time because some of the feeds I’m subscribed to are photo heavy; when I decide I don’t want to continue reading a certain post, I may go to the next one, but due to the number of photos that are loading and appearing in the post I skipped (taking up more vertical space), the stories continually get moved downward, making it impossible to read a story without having to constantly scroll to keep up with the vertical changes. I’m not sure what the solution to this would be, so I just switched to show a single story at a time.


That’s because you’re not selecting the stories. I should probably change the default behavior to auto-select the first story, but for now you’ll have to go into Preferences > Feeds > When open a site … select first story.

You should be able to get more stories, but in single story mode you’ll have to either scroll the story titles (since only one story at a time is shown in the Feed view), or use the next controls until a new page loads for you. Showing all of the stories at first may be a UI mistaken on my part.

I already have the “Open the first story” selected, and I’m using the next controls, yet nothing loads still. Scrolling the story titles does nothing either.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Are you on IE or something? By using the arrow controls I can continue loading more stories.

Google Chrome: Version 24.0.1312.56 m

Anybody else getting this? I’m not sure what the issue is or if I can reproduce it.

Any chance I could grant you remote access to my account to test?

Sure, what’s your username?

mcabrams - another note, when I scroll and click on each story in the story title pane, everything works. However, if I start by changing stories via the J hotkey, or by clicking next unread, it stops after reaching the end of the first load of stories. Thanks!

Try this out on dev.newsblur.com. See if that does a better job of loading stories (especially the new list view).

I have a possibly related issue: when viewing all site stories, oldest first, show all stories, I sometimes get to the “end” of the available stories when scrolling, except that if I click All Site Stories again, more load (and it’s not that these are newly-fetched articles; if I’m catching up on yesterday’s news, I’ll get partway through and then have to click to load the rest of yesterday through today). This seems to happen consistently enough that when I’m reading more than a hundred or so articles, it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen.

Perhaps the hook to load more stories isn’t firing in some cases? (Or if it fails it doesn’t fire again?)

Yeah, I’ve been seeing this again these days.

I’m seeing this problem as well. I (usually) have no trouble with folders or individual site feeds loading more stories when I get to the bottom of the list, but All Site Stories never loads more stories. With over 1000 stories to read, it makes catching up very cumbersome to have to continually click on All Site Stories and have it reload the pane.

I’m having this same issue using Chrome on live and dev. J and arrow down don’t load new stories, but using the mouse wheel or clicking “next unread” does work.

I notice this as well. I have mine set to the Feed view globally. Usually it seems to only load about 12 or so stories. Any more then that and I have to click all site stories to get another dozen or so.

(Reviving old thread)

I’m having this issue lately when reading individual users’ feeds under All Shared Stories. If the feed selector pane shows there are, say, 20 unread items, only a subset of them (say, 8) will be loaded into the story pane. If I jump to another feed and then back to the original one, more stories will load (but not all of them unless I’m close to the end).

I am not seeing this happen anywhere outside of Shared Stories. It’s been happening consistently for a while now, but I can’t recall how long.