When Using "J" to scroll, each article appears lower and lower - Oh no!

Hey guys, I’m a very intense user (on chrome, on my desktop) and a very huge fan. As of yesterday, something weird happens: I usually use the list view, and press “j” constantly to scroll to the next story. Works perfectly usually. But as of yesterday, every time I press “j”, the next top article appears a bit lower in the window. The next one a bit lower below that, and after a few, I need to use the mouse to scroll back up. This kills the flow of j-j-j to just scroll through hundreds of articles quickly. Is there anything I can do to bring back the old style so I can rapidly scroll through lots of articles? Thanks!


So I need to figure this one out because it’s not happening for me. What’s your username?

user: morganf

I can send you screenshots if that helps

Please do, since I’m not able to reproduce the bug.

first post:

follow the colored line that signals the post whose full text is showing:

press j about 3 times:

see how it’s a bit lower on the screen?

press j again:

see how now, that line is even lower.

Lets go a few more times pressing j:


Now you see that it’s fully half-way down the screen!!!

Now, having pressed ‘J’ a few more times:


And now you see that this post is fully down to the bottom of the screen!!! So now, I need to manually scroll back up!

IMPORTANT note: i just tried this on a feed, and everything was perfect. This ONLY HAPPENS when I am in a FOLDER. NOte in the example above, I am in the “1 - Keysites” folder.

Good news! This is now fixed. Thanks a lot for those screenshots. It had to do with the Text view, but it was my fault.

Yay!!! Thank you!!! Wow that is fast service! You’re awesome :slight_smile: