When I sign into NewsBlue, it shows another account's feeds

When I go to newsblur.com on my chrome (Mac), it is now most often loading someone else’s set of feeds. I have to clear cache and reload (and often re-login) to see my feeds. No one else uses this laptop.

In the screenshot below, you can see my username in the top left, but the feed list is not mine. I often have to refresh several times to get it to fix.

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The feeds you ar elooking at are the homepage demo account. If you log out and click “Try NewsBlur” you’ll be able to see those feeds. I should probably add a dialog that makes this clear.

As for the problem, have you tried logging out and logging back in? That will reset your cookie. Otherwise, I have no idea why this is happening, as it might be related to a bug from a few weeks ago that I fixed and can confirm fixed. But if you are reloading the page a few times then that’s cause for alarm.

I have logged out. Just tried it again.

Logging in will flash me to the NewsBlur app, then flash back to the home page, where I click “Login” again. Had to go 3 times before getting the app to “stick”.

Any monitoring or anything I can do to help provide more information?