When hitting the last entry in "everything" if you click next, give a warning instead of clearing the screen.

After clicking “everything” and browsing the listings using “n” on my keyboard, if I go past the last unread entry everything suddenly disappears.

This seems inconsistent when going through the rest of the unread entries, as other entries don’t disappear when I press “n” to go to the next unread.

Perhaps only clearing the entire feed once I’ve refreshed the page? I like to double check in case I clicked through my entries or pressed “next” too fast.

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This is clearly an oversight on my part. Not once have I ever tested the case where I’m browsing the Everything feed and I run out of unread stories using the ‘n’ shortcut. In fact, I never click on Everything, since it’s just so slow. It’s something I’d like to fix at some point, but it sure isn’t easy. And because it works for the most part, I have less incentive to actually fix it.

Anyway, let me try to understand the setup here. You have no unread stories left and you are hitting ‘n’ for next unread story? It’s a bug, but is that the extent of it? If so, I’ll try to get it fixed soon, since it’s unlikely to be anything but a simple unchecked case.