When does the new design at dev.newsblur.com go live? It seems just as stable as the current site. I like the new design much better.


Please not any time soon…:slight_smile: I say this because while my experience with newsblur.com has been great (stable, fast), the same cannot be said of dev.newsblur.com. Selecting all site stories often leads to the dreaded “oh no…” error message (especially when there are many -thousands- unread stories), unread counts are off, sharing is often slow. Why move away from something that works so well?

I have gone ahead and set up a 2nd NewsBlur account (that’s more revenue for you!) and divided all my feeds between the two accounts. I can’t prove it, but I figured that my issues were probably somehow related to the very large number of feeds I had. With that total now essentially halved in each account, things “appear” to be doing much better.

Good luck with the launch!

Nice. I’m excited. Thanks for all the hard work.

how many feeds, RC? I use ~400 and am okay.

also, I’m assuming ‘dev’ is on less hardware than the production cluster- smaller DB, single machine instead of a pool, etc.

Dev runs on the same backend. The front-end is tiny compared to www, but the only difference is lag between clicking a feed and having it open.

welp, that’s what I get for assuming.

Tedder42, about 2 1/2 times that :slight_smile: Much better now, though.

Rc, there’s somethings wrong with your setup, because that’s not the experience most folks have on dev.

Anyway, it’ll be launching next week. I just setup press and have the final touches rolling out soon. There’s a ton to coordinate.