When bottom toolbar is closed, many things don't work

Things that break:

  1. Keyboard navigation
  2. “Back”, “Next Unread” and “Next”
  3. (Feed view) Stories being marked as read when moused-over

Using Firefox 5.0, beta channel.


I fixed the sidebar so that when it’s closed, everything related to it still works. The bottom pane, however, is a separate change and will be a bit of work to get working. The thing is, closing it is not yet officially supported, even though you can do it. I’m planning to introduce a set of customizations that allow you to change where that pane lives, and how it behaves.

Since it’s a bit of work to hide that pane (gotta click in the middle of that tiny separator), if you’re really interested in getting that pane working when it’s closed, let me know and I can re-prioritize it. I’m a one-man team, you know, so I’ve gotta prioritize things based on how badly you want it. :slight_smile:

No rush, just making sure you knew about it! Would github issues be better for bug reports or is this good?