What to expect when following Twitter feeds

I’ve started using Newsblur to view Twitter content and I’m wondering what it should look like.  Among the few I’m currently following the # of visible posts in my feed range from a week to a couple of months of posts.  Of course I’d rather there be several months of posts for all of my feeds which may not be pragmatic since some are rather chatty.

I think I read somewhere in the forum that Newsblur will display 200 items in a particular feed.  Not sure if that’s the current number but having that kind of info would help me decide which feeds work best with NB.

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The number of retained stories depends on the feed and the number of stories coming out of the feed and whether or not you’re a premium subscriber and especially the number of subscribers to the feed. In fact, now that I think about it, it also depends on the number of stories you read in the feed. Read more stories, more stories are retained.

Twitter feeds are treated no differently than all other feeds, the only difference is how the feed is fetched since NewsBlur has to fetch the tweets through the Twitter API, observing appropriate rate limits.

Great info. Thanks!