What is the container/endpoint/middleware used to connec to the public BlurBlog?

First thanks and awesome stuff going on here!

But I recently deployed NewsBlur locally. I had to make a few modifications to make things work with my preexisting proxy (Traefik). Those were pretty basic… I just removed the SSL redirects from the haproxy and did the necessary subdomain adding in the settings.py. Then I point Traefik to the HAProxy and the site works*. The one thing that doesn’t work and isn’t honestly a big deal but its not working and so its going to drive me insane until I figure it out and fix it, is the BlurBlog. I don’t know what the correct middleware should be. if I send all subdomained traffic toward the HAProxy I get the login screen or my feed (if I’m logged in).

When I go to the Profile section where it shows my BlurBlog URL it will sub sub domain the url with my username. So if my username was username and my page was surved at news.mydomain.com and I attempted to view my BlurBlog by going to username.news.mydomain.com I am taken to my feed (presuming I am logged in). Then if I click on the Profile & BlurBlog settings menu. It shows my blog being at username.username.news.mydomain.com.

This would make me think that the HAProxy or maybe NGINX isn’t doing something correctly. If I make traefik route to port 81 (the port exposed for NGINX) I have a bad day and get 404s and other problems…

Yeah, there’s some assumptions built in to the subdomain system. There is popular.global.newsblur.com, but it doesn’t work anymore. Support for blurblogs on subdomains need sot be built, but it’s not highly prioritized. I’d welcome a PR if you can figure it out!

Ok I figured it out! Its a real simple fix… PR in coming…