What controls which stories end up in the "Global Shared Stories" section?

In my self-hosted NewsBlur instance, most things seem to be working quite well, but nothing is showing up in the “Global Shared Stories” area despite some things having been publicly shared by users, so I’m trying to ascertain how I should expect it to be functioning. What needs to happen to get something to show up in the “Global Shared Stories” section?

Global Shared Stories is actually the social stories feed for the popular user. So anybody the popular user follows shows up there.

Now, getting the popular user to follow people is a bit tricky, as you need to make yourself a staff member, and then you need to login as the popular user. This is what I do and it works fine, but I’d love to build a better Global Shared Stories. That will eventually happen, but for now I’ve got this quick-build setup that works well enough.

To make yourself staff, type make shell and then

>>> u = User.objects.get(username='samuel')
>>> u.is_staff = True
>>> u.save()

Then to login as popular go to this url: https://localhost/reader/login_as?user=popular. Then follow users and it’ll show up.

Good luck!

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Ahhh, thanks!