What am I not doing, my blurblog isn't public?

I feel stupid even posting about this but it has come up several times, despite confirming that my blurblog is public and everyone is welcome to comment, I’m still unable to share my blurblog URL and have friends follow my comments and shares. What stupid thing have I done? I hesitate to classify this as a problem, it seems to be just me since I can visit, read all the folks I follow (and who have public blurblogs) without issue.

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What’s your blurblog url? This should have been emailed to you when you shared your first story.


Oh, it’s the hyphen. I shouldn’t have allowed hyphens in usernames. Anyway, if you take it out it will work. 

Thanks for your help!

I just realized it wasn’t a hyphen in your username but rather a space. That’s the real issue! I don’t allow spaces anymore, but your account was grand-mothered in.

I have the same problem, my blurblog url is the default one from blurblog jimweiler.blurblog.com and I have it set to ‘only for followers’. I go to that url from a different browser, (always have to follow myself each time, doesn’t seem to remember - so maybe that’s the problem), click my blurblog name, get the general blurblog page then get the one with lots of stuff I don’t want on the left but ‘jimweiler’ at the top left, click on ‘jimweiler’ and nothing shows up - the panel says ‘no stories to read’. 

The URL is jimweiler.newsblur.com not blurblog.com. And it looks private.

you’re right, I meant jimweiler.newsblur.com is the url I that I got from blurblog. It is private, that’s what I want. I select ‘follow’ from the other browser, but that doesn’t seem to work - I never see any way to approve anyone to see it in my home page
OK - I just got an email from motherhydra and clicking the link in that email takes me to my home page that shows the request, and when I approve it the follower shows up. 

but nothing shows up on my home page even from another computer when I follow my blurblog, 

Hey jimweiler, for what it’s worth I was able to follow and see your blurblog. Maybe try clearing your browser cache? I followed you and now see your post re: untrusted CAs.

The approval dialog is on the dashboard of the web. Do you get to see the dashboard or do you have it set to autoload All Site Stories?

I click the home icon and get the dashboard, the dashboard seems to be the default view. MotherHydra’s request showed up in the top of the center dashboard column and I had an email about it. I asked a coworker to try following me at jimweiler.newsblur.com and he gets the same response I did; the follow button changes to show that you are following but nothing else changes; I don’t have an email with his follow request and nothing at the top center of the dashboard, in either Chrome or IE.