Went to Netvibes...now I'm back...and Newsblur is still not working.

While Newsblur was down, I exported my feeds to Netvibes. Now that Newsblur seems to be up again, I came back - as I do much prefer Newsblur. Nonetheless, none of my feeds are updating…and I seem to have lost a lot of them…

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Looks like there may be an issue on NewsBlur today. I promise it works 99% of the time.

This is odd. I assume by when it was down you are referring to the short episode from 3 weeks ago? As for feeds not updating, that’s a new one as everything is up and running well.

Right-click on a feed and go to Statistics. That should show you when the feed was last updated. Please give any examples of feeds that aren’t fetching. Alternatively, what’s your username?

I was having some struggles with my feeds showing earlier, but it is resolved now. Essentially I would click the link to view all my feeds, but the page would not load.

All is well now, and I continue to love NewsBlur after my stint with Feedly. As for OP, hopefully he just hit a snag like I did!

Spoke too soon. The page is not loading again. I click on “All Site Stories”, the right pane shows a white window with a blue, pulsating bar on the bottom. “teh_g” is my username if you need to take a peek.

Sorry to piggyback on this persons post…

Hmm, so this is news to me. What’s happening specifically is that your feeds load but when you click on a site, you get an infinitely pulsing blue bar?

That *should* never happen, as I have error handlers in that show “NewsBlur is in maintenance mode” or “is down” when those are the case. And there’s a catch all “An error occured, try again”. Do you see any of those?

Correct, when I click a site or on the all stories bar, it shows the infinitely pulsing blue bar.

I let it sit there for a few minutes, and it eventually loaded. No errors appeared. I can’t reproduce it regularly either, which is the worst.

Does this only happen on All Site Stories or any other folders or individual sites? Does it happen after you reload NewsBlur fresh?

I will try out a few things and post here when I can reproduce it again. It occurred this morning when I first logged on, I closed the tab and then went back to it (worked perfectly then). It has been occurring randomly since then.

Do you use an ad blocker or privacy extension? I have noticed these can interfere with site working properly.

I have the “click to run” option for plugins, and newsblur always shows the “blocked plugin” icon on Chrome (have no idea what it refers to though).

Sometimes it does cause weird behavior (then I notice it and click to “allow it”).

Maybe the “click to run” option only appears if you’re reading articles where Flash content is embedded?

No, as it appears right on the “home page”, even before choosing any feed.