Weird behavior with HN RSS feed


since a long time, I’m subscribing to the “Best comments” RSS (Hacker News: Best Comments). It lists the best comments from hacker news.
Since some days, I’m experiencing a weird behavior in the ios app. The content of the feed shows fine in the list view but once I select a post (in the example below: “One of my favorite tech legends…”), it briefly shows correctly, then refreshes the view and shows the content from a different post (in the example below: “As If hardware next year is …”).

Here’s a recording of my screen that shows an example:

Thanks for your help.

The raw RSS feed actually shows the correct content (“One of my favorite…”), so I believe it’s related to Newsblur. Interestingly, the problem only happens in the ios app, not on the desktop version.

You’re probably looking at the Text view instead of the Story view. Hit the button in the bottom left of the story detail view to switch back and forth.

Thanks, that solved it! :slightly_smiling_face: