Weird behavior with folders of the same name made my feeds disappear

FYI - new user, still feeling the app out, but ran into an interesting bug. I’ll walk through what happened:

  • Created a new top level folder (named AAPL)
  • Moved some existing feeds I imported from Google Reader from another top level folder (Technology) into the AAPL folder
  • Wasn’t feeling it, decided to create a subfolder instead. Created another folder, also named AAPL, as a subfolder to Technology
  • Moved feeds from top level AAPL to Tech>AAPL folder
  • Attempted to delete top level AAPL, but it did not. Shrugged it off and moved on with life for a few.
  • Upon reloading NewsBlur, my feeds were now in both top level AAPL and Tech>AAPL
  • Deleted the feeds in the top level AAPL successfully
  • Attempted to delete the top level AAPL folder again unsuccessfully
  • Successfully renamed top level AAPL folder to some junk name (eg: klajsdlfj). Moved on with life again
  • Went back to NewsBlur sometime later and saw that my Tech>AAPL subfolder was gone and all feeds within it were gone completely. Argh
  • But, this time I was able to successfully delete top level lajsflkjsaflkj folder
  • Decided to write a bug report
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