WebUI - Idle session not showing new posts

When I leave a newsblur session up it does not seem to showing me new items as they show up on the feeds. After a few hours I will notice there are sitll no new posts and click refresh and suddenly I see a handful of posts. Is this expected?

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No, it’s not. I’ve been having the same the last few days though, on the dev version anyway.
I don’t get real time updates instead the dashboard says it should update every 120 or 210 seconds but it never seems to do, instead I have to refresh the page.

Hampus, you are not able to make connections to port 8888, which is where the real-time socks.tio server is at. But your problem is different than the one above. Daniel’s issue looks like the 120s refresh call is happening. Daniel, do you have the know-how or ability to check your console and see if there are any errors? Also, what’s your browser/OS?

I am using Win8/Chrome and I am technically capable of doing whatever troubleshooting you want. The issue is basically I read all my new posts and nothing ever shows up as new unless I reload the page. As soon as I click reload the page comes up and shows me I have new unread posts.

OK I moved dev.newsblur.com to be under HAProxy, which means that the real-time web socket server is now behind port 80. Let me know if that works.

And confirm that you see the animating real-time icon is in grey and not red.

It seems to be working from home just fine. I suspect it might be a port issue like Hampus when I was at work. I will check tomorrow and let you know. As an FYI I was also not using the dev site when I observed it. I tried both at home and both worked fine.

I have run into this issue at work again. It does at times seem to work but then at other times it doesn’t.