Website: Compress story titles pane

Show the article title right below the site title. This will save horizontal space when the story titles pane is docked to the left, allowing more space for the story pane. Space is cheaper on the vertical axis when inside a vertical scrolling list.

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Read this a few times and unfortunately I’m not following. What exactly would you like to compress? The pane? It can be resized, so what inside of it do you want to compress?

You’re right, maybe I did not describe it clearly enough. Here are two pictures to describe what I mean.

How it is right now:

Here’s how you can slightly re-arrange the elements of each news item to free some horizontal space:

Ohh, I get it now. But it already wraps, so you effectively get the same view with a narrower pane, right?

I don’t think you do because the text will not wrap under the title of the site. It looks like there are two columns, the title of the site on the left and the details of the news item on the right.

As it is right now, information on the right column cannot wrap under the space used by the left column.