Web UI is unresponsive

I’m using Chrome v26 on Windows 8 to access dev.newsblur.com

As of 4/28/2013 the UI has become unresponsive after opening a news item. I am having to wait about 20 seconds between reading items. All input modes seem to lag out when this happens. I’ve tried the hotkeys, clicking the next / previous buttons at the top left, and simply clicking on a new item.

I’m also experiencing this on a Windows 7 machine using Chrome v26.


Others with what looks like the same issue:



I haven’t deployed anything to dev since Friday the 26th. This looks like a Chrome specific issue. Can anybody else on Chrome confirm? I have Chrome v26 and everything is running smoothly.

Can you offer any more details on what’s slowing things down? Are you reading by folder or by feed? Which view?

Not Chrome-specific. I’m using Safari 6.0.4. Maybe a WebKit-specific issue?

I use Safari to develop NewsBlur and I don’t notice any slowdowns at all.

I use Firefox 20 and I have the same problem.
To be more precise, it only happens with the “list” view. It seems to work with the “split” view.

Julien nailed it. I was doing both folder and feed reading in list view. Once i switch over to split view it works as intended.

What the? Ok so after switching to split view and then going back to list view, the issue is gone.

More testing done.

I closed and re-opened Chrome. The problem does return. I then switch to split view, then back to list view. The issue is gone, however, I am no longer able to collapse the currently displayed news item in the list view.

I’m getting the exact same issue in FireFox 19.0.2 on my Windows 8 machine.

I should also note that just switching to split view does not change the UI’s workable sate. You need to select a news item while in split view, then switch back to list view.

Dval’s workaround is effective for me too, on dev in Chrome 26.0.1410.65

Ah, well sorta – after a few minutes it stops working.

 Error: TypeError: a.story\_view is undefined   
 Source File: http://dev.newsblur.com/static/common.js?1367014179   
 Line: 1402 ```   
 From my error console, after second **j** keypress. From then keypresses are unresponsive.   
 Clicking through to another story gets me these errors:   
 ``` Timestamp: 30/04/2013 10:12:48 AM   
 Error: TypeError: this.collection is undefined   
 Source File: http://dev.newsblur.com/static/common.js?1367014179   
 Line: 1374   
 Timestamp: 30/04/2013 10:12:48 AM   
 Error: Error: Permission denied to access property 'toString' ```

Ok, we need to separate these issues. Ross, your issue is a perfect one to solve. But I don’t think it’s related to this one. I bet it’s the other one linked above. What were you reading? A feed or a folder? In List view?

It may not be, but I was getting the same unresponsiveness, it took about 20s to be able to click or scroll around again - kinda hangs/freezes the browser.
I was reading a folder in split view. List view doesn’t seem to hang the same way, but keyboard shortcuts stop working. Can double click another item in the list to get to a new story.

Can’t seem to recreate right now as it’s working perfect, but will keep an eye out
Problem was only on dev by the way.