Web: "Mark as read when scrolled past" is overzealous in "Split" and "List" views


I am using Firefox 61 on Mac OS X. I have the “Mark stories as read when scrolled past” option turned on. I’ve found a couple situations in which this setting is overzealous and winds up marking things as read that I haven’t actually scrolled past.

The first case is in “Split” view. Sometimes (not always), when I first load up a feed or folder, in “Unread” or “Focus” mode, the topmost story in the list will immediately be marked as read, even though I haven’t scrolled past it. (It will briefly appear as unread, and then immediately transition to read before I have even moved the mouse into the list area.)

The second case is in “List” view. Again, sometimes (not always), when I first open a new article, several stories BELOW that article will get marked as read, even though I haven’t scrolled past them. I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact I’m reading in “Text” mode, so the height of the article will change after a short period of time once NewsBlur has loaded the text. This seems to be when the subsequent articles get marked as read.

Would appreciate if someone could look into this, since it makes it hard to keep track of what I’ve actually read, no matter which view I’m using.

(As a workaround, I’ve tried disabling the “mark as read when scrolled past” option, but then I have a different problem when reading in focus mode–namely, that the “mark [newer/older/all] as read” options will mark even unfocused stories as read, despite the fact that they don’t show up in the list at all. I can open a separate problem report for that as well if desired.)