Web client story scrolling

On my home machine, the “All Site Stories” is not behaving the way it used to and the way it behaves at work. I no longer have a continuously scrolling list of stories, and the list of stories ends prematurely even when I still have unread items. It also has transition animations, even though I have those turned off in preferences. Both machines are Windows 7. This browser is Chrome, Version 30.0.1599.101 m. The work machine is also running Chrome, but my VPN is down so I can’t check the version there.

Note that these problems also happen in an Incognito window.

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Hmm, it sounds like you’re logged inot a different account at home. I’m not sure how you could experience such different animations between computers.

Definitely the same account, I only have one. And they’re all my feeds.

There are other strange things: the formatting of stories is off on this machine on some feeds, in strange ways. I’ve gone into preferences and turned off the animations and they’re still going strange. If I click the “Full” button at the bottom right and then the “Split” button again, I get the Split view with a full scrolling list (as I expect and have on my work machine). But it doesn’t stick - if I refresh the page or click on “All Site Stories” again, it loses that view. It’s odd stuff.

If it helps at all, I’m a developer myself, so I’m comfortable digging further in if you have any guesses.