Web: Can you open a story in split view from list view?

Hi NewsBlur forum and Samuel,

First, thank you for your site! I haven’t used the site long but so far have happily checked it out and practiced adding sources and played around with settings.

I’m wondering about split view and list view. Can you open a story in split view from list view so the story expands from left to right instead of top to bottom?

This is some more about how I’m using split and list view: I enjoy list view to zoom out on the stories. The amount of context is a breath of fresh air. I can see the news source, title, summary, and publish time. Then I like to zoom in on a particular story. The problem is if I click a story—from list view—then, the story expands from top to bottom and hides the list of stories I was looking at. That’s jarring since the list of stories gets quickly hidden. I actually really like reading a story in split view because I can keep the plot on the zoomed out view while I zoom in on a particular story. Except I don’t really want to stay in split view once I’m finished reading a story.

I think I’m sort of wondering if I can expand and fold a story on the right side like I can expand and fold the sidebar on the left side.

I can work around this flow by toggling back and forth between split and list view but I was wondering if there is a better way.

I’m wondering where the other story titles would go during expansion of a story. Right now you scroll up and down to see the other story titles. And Grid view presents those story titles in a different form, with 2-4 per row instead of a single story. But once you’re reading a story, you want those other stories to remain in view? By just not scrolling?

Split view does that, but I’m not sure what would be visible on the screen if you’re in List view and open a story in your scenario.

I guessed that the list view might be configurable so that stories expand on the right side instead of from top to bottom. Then I thought the other story titles would look like how they do in split view. Except based on your response and playing around more with list view and split view, it seems like stories only end up on the right side in split view and not list view.

It’s not a major problem. I was only wondering if there was a way to avoid toggling between list and split view to get stories on the right side. It seems like this is how the web views work:

  • In list view, stories expand top to bottom when you click on the story.
  • You can’t configure list view so the stories expand and fold on the right side—they only expand top to bottom.
  • In split view, stories stay open on the right.
  • You can adjust how big they are by sliding, but you can’t fold and collapse the stories.