Web BETA: Feed title styling: M: font size 14px instead of 13px

Dear Newsblur team,

I’ve been a premium user for years. Very useful piece of software, thank you.
Just tried the web beta. Glad to see it’s more or less the same idea because I liked it. I can see some improvements here too, which is good, while keeping the original efficient idea.

Unfortunately, I found an issue that is quite disturbing for me:
In non-beta version, Feed title styling: M (.NB-theme-feed-size-m .NB-story-title) has 13px, S has 12px.
In the beta version, Feed title styling: M (.NB-theme-feed-size-m .NB-story-title) has 14px. S has 12px.
As a consequence, the beta version is forcing me to increase the font size from 13px to 14px. Why? I understand the beta version improves a bit the layout, responsiveness and some alignment, but why change the font sizes in the “Style” configuration menu? Why should that be disturbed in a negative way? Now I am forced to use the 14px version.

Please keep the values in the “Style” configuration menu the same and add new ones if you really want, but don’t remove the 13px option. I want to be able to configure it as I was before.

I hope you’ll fix this, please bring back the 13px option.
Thank you in advance.