Vox.com Feed Broken

The Vox feed has never behaved right and I suspect that’s more on their end than Newsblur’s, but this is a strange one that has come up in the last six months.

Whenever I click on Vox feed for the first time, it behaves normally, but as soon as I click on to another feed it will show blank in the content window no matter which feed I click on, Vox included. The URL in the address bar always remains the Vox URL whereas usually clicking on another site’s feed will change the URL to theirs. Here’s a screenshot.

Vox Issue

Best solution is a refresh of the browser. I’ve tested this on multiple Windows machines with Edge, Chrome, IE, and Firefox and was able to repeat it each time. Brief testing with Firefox on CentOS 7 hasn’t been able to reproduce. Has anyone seen this? I’ve lived with it for a long time, but current conditions being what they are, I find myself leaning on Newsblur a lot more.

Are you subscribed to this Vox feed?


It may be a Windows issue, in which case I’m happy to take a look. Anybody else seeing this? Have you tried different views, say List view instead of Split view (change it on the bottom right).

Thanks for replying so fast! Yes, that’s the same feed. I tried switching to list and it does so, but the problem persists. Strangely, if I refresh Newsblur to fix it, the Vox feed goes back to Split. Same for Grid and Full.

Never received another reply to this, but haven’t had the problem all day today on Edge. Has been a relief!