Volume button & Next button takes you to first unread not next

Firstly great site and app. Just one with the Andriod app.

  1. Take the Situation you have three unread stories.
  2. You click on the second one
  3. If you press the volume button or the next button it takes you 1 (the first unread). I would expect it would take you to 3 which is the story
    I often leave stories unread on my phone as I want to come back to them on my computer.

I prefer unread to saved as

  • My Saved is for long term reference
  • Also with saved they don’t unsave when you scroll past them, so you have to click unsave once done with them

Swiping does move to the story I expect

Andriod App - v 4.2.3

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I agree, I would prefer the next button to take me to the next unread story, not the first one, for pretty much the same reasons you described.

Good job writing this up. Logged as an issue and it will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming release: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/issues/692