When I recently have clicked on a link from Newsblur on my Mac, I get a landing page that contains a message (with sound) saying there is a virus on my computer and to phone a given number.

I am unable to close that page or even close Chrome.

I have gotten this link several times in the past two weeks and again just now. The only option I have is to shut the computer down manually by pressing the start button on its back and restarting.

This ONLY has happened with links from Newsblur, so I’m led to think that it’s Newsblur that is infected with a virus.

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It’s unlikely that it’s NewsBlur. Can you post a screenshot of the Chrome extensions you have installed?

No problems here.  Sounds like you’ve got a worm crawling around in your system.  

I ran a full scan with Advest and deleted some Chrome extensions. Advest found nothing. Not sure what more I can do.