Vine videos autoplay in iOS app

Some of my feeds have Vine videos embedded. I have noticed that on the iPad, they autoplay. What’s weird is that sometimes the video that is autoplaying won’t even be on the feed entry that I’m looking at. It might be the next entry or a previous one.

Other embedded videos don’t seem to do this, just Vine.


It’s what the publisher wants, unfortunately. I could possibly disable it, but the publisher is specifically asking for it to auto play, and I often respect the publisher’s intention.

By the way, could you post the feed that causes this? I want to see it happen on my device.… is one that does it.

There were several posts yesterday that had autoplaying videos in it, this was one:…

That one is not a Vine, though…it looks like they have an iFrame’d video, but it autoplays an ad if you wait on the screen for a few moments. On an iPhone, the video goes fullscreen!

+1 It also ignores muting which means it can (and has) been very disruptive. I have had it happen on Gawker based feeds. Kotaku I believe.