Vimeo RSS feed not recognized


I can’t add this RSS feed to my Newsblur archive. reports it as being a valid feed.

Is this a problem with Newsblur? Anything I can do to make Newsblur accept it?

NewsBlur was able to load the feed from my development machine but it was denied by Vimeo on the servers. They must be rate limiting NewsBlur. Not sure why. I suggest reaching out to their team to request they allow NewsBlur to fetch feeds.

I contacted their support and unfortunately they are saying that RSS support is retired due to a lack of interest :triumph:

So I guess there isn’t much to do here.

This is still an issue. Very convenient to cite a “lack of interest”. I suppose the blocking will continue until interest improves.

Vimeo seems to flag IP ranges very aggressively, but they don’t block entirely - if you visit in a browser from a server IP range it will ask you to solve a captcha. It may be possible to work around this by either doing something clever with cookies, or proxying through another IP. Perhaps we could convince a public library to start hosting rss-bridge on-site.

I’d be happy to look into RSS Bridge and plan to this week, but the IP address restriction is still going to be present.

Yeah RSS-Bridge is really only useful when hosted from an IP outside a data center shared with normal client traffic.

Perhaps it would be possible to use the browser/app as a bridge and fetch the RSS through it, then send it to server for processing. It would require the person to be actively checking their feeds but I guess that’s what most of us do anyway.