Vimeo feeds not showing latest

Hey there,

I’d really like to make the switch over to NewsBlur, however I’m finding that feeds from Vimeo are failing to load correctly and do not show any recent posts.

I thought I’d post the urls here in the hope that it’ll help track down an issue preventing these kinds of sites from working.


Apologies for butting into this conversation, I was interested in this feature too.

In the Vimeo help centre this is what they say when searching on RSS feeds:

“On old pages, RSS feeds were provided to let users get updates about videos and feed activity. Some developers may have used these RSS feeds to bring Vimeo data onto their own sites or services. These feeds have been discontinued due to low usage.”

It appears that something is still working in NewsBlur but the date of the latest article for staff picks is 2019, no real content in each item.

When I use the same RSS feed URL in NetNewsWire; subject = (no text), date/time = that of the new post, zero content. Appears to post once or twice a day, two for today (24th August).

So, I think this is an unsupported feature by Vimeo. Not sure if you can create something in their developer centre.


If it’s been discontinued, that would explain the issues I suppose! Though Inoreader is still giving me posts from those feeds; is there something they’re maybe doing instead that’s different to NewsBlur?

Maybe Inoreader is doing something different than the RSS readers I have, all the readers don’t seem to be consistent with each other. I guess someone with the right coding experience will need to check it out, assuming there is enough demand for it.

i do see new entries, but they’re not formatted well at ALL. newsblur is probably not even seeing the needed fields and will probably have to have custom parsing for them, which i THINK is a thing @samuelclay can do…

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