Viewing 'thumbs down' stories

I’m getting a bit confused on how to use Newsblur after completing the Intelligence trainer.

Now, I may have misunderstood its purpose (if so, please let me know), but the way I selected my options were that I used ‘thumbs up’ on all the feeds that I *must* read, and ‘thumbs down’ on all the feeds that I usually read, but don’t feel guilty hitting ‘mark all as read’ on when I get busy. I don’t have any feeds that I never want to read (…I wouldn’t have added it otherwise…) I have rated each of my 105 feeds.

After doing this, however, all the ‘red’ stories seem to have disappeared leaving me only green ones.

After reading all the ‘green’ items, I click ‘All Stories’ and it shows me there’s 698 red stories unread – but none are displayed.

My expected behavior would be for all items (green/red/unrated) to appear when I select the ‘Unread’ button in the bottom left, and for only green stories to appear if I click the ‘Focus’ button.

I appear to be able to get to the red stories if I switch to the ‘all’ button in the bottom left and individually select each feed one-by-one, but that doesn’t make much sense when I have so many feeds.

Have I miss understood how it’s supposed to work?

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“Red” stories are now effectively hidden, see this thread:…

The whole documentation about the Intelligence Trainer ist badly outdated, since the behavior changed months ago.

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Same problem. Since the “Red-Button” dissapeared months ago, I didn’t dare to mark anything “thumbs down”, because I wasn’t able to find out how to obtain access again… Seems like the red ones become corpses in the frigde (-:

I think the way it’s supposed to work is:

* Give thumbs up to those feeds and tags you want to see even when you are “focused”

* Leave unmarked those feeds and tags you want to normally see when you aren’t being “focused”

* Give thumbs down to those tags you don’t want to see unless you explicitly ask to see hidden stories.

I agree that you wouldn’t mark an entire feed with thumbs down because that says you don’t want to see it, and unsubscribing is a better way to say that. You can, however, give thumbs down to tags within a feed. For example, I give thumbs down to the “open thread” tag in one of my feeds, so I don’t see “open thread” stories from that feed – I still see other stories from the feed.

Alright, cool, I think I understand now. I’ll go back and change all my “Thumbs down” votes to ‘Ask me again later’.

What I think confused me was that when I was doing Intelligence Training it seemed to be encouraging me to select (1) Thumbs up, (2) Thumbs down, (3) Unrated - ask me again later. I didn’t want to leave it as unrated because that sounds like I hadn’t made a decision, not that it was neutral.

It would seem the options to give the user should be:

  1. You like the feed and always want to see the stories [Thumbs up - view in ‘unread’ and ‘focused’]
  2. You don’t like the feed and never want to see the stories [Thumbs down - don’t show anywhere]
  3. You are natural and don’t like or dislike the feed and may or may not want to see the stories [??? - view in ‘unread’ only, not ‘focus’]
  4. Unrated, ask me again later.
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I’d just like to reiterate Aaron Cass’s point that a thumbs down is not simply “you don’t like the feed”… if that were the case you’d simply delete the feed. Many feeds have tags and author info, and you can thumb-up or -down any of these. In the case of feed items that are neither hot “must read” nor “dull, rarely read”, just leave them as non-rated.

I also don’t like how the new system works and effectively stopped using the Intelligence Trainer some time ago.

I like the idea that irrelevant or boring articles are hidden to me, but I don’t like that I cannot access them in a meaningful way. Going through each site and check for “show hidden stories” is a ridiculous effort if you have more than 10 sites subscribed. I really would like to have some kind of button “show me all those hidden stuff”.

I’ll come back to this, but yes I agree, you should be able to view hidden stories in folder view.

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4 month have passed, you overcame the “Google Reader-crisis” - time again for something profund? (-: - think about it in this way: Stuff I don’t need now I remove to the attic. But maybe I need it in the future, so I make sure I won’t have to turn everything upside down. So, to be honest, I don’t dare to dislike anything…

I thought I fixed it for folder view a couple weeks ago. Is that not the case?

Yep, I did fix it a little while ago. Should work fine in folder view now.

Sorry, my fault: I tested it by disliking not a tag, but a whole site… No wonder it didn’t work, pfff. Thanks for your time and patience.