View saved per-site does not work?

The view is supposed to be saved per-site. But I don’t see it happening. If I switch to story view, then all the news of all feeds are opened in story view. The feed/text/story seems global to me, not per feed.

I’m using “All site stories” to browse my feeds.

What do I do wrong???

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It’s definitely saved per site. Not sure what’s going on with your setting. When you open All Site Stories again, it’s back to Feed view?

Here is an example that shows some weird problems. Just have the following 2 feeds: (I want this one in feed mode)… (I want this one in Story mode)

I click on All site stories (river of news setting, feed mode by default)

Problem n°1:
When I’m on lesnumeriques, I set it to story mode, then when i hit next and go to a macg news, it displays the Feed mode… but there are those double green arrows between Text & Story mode buttons at the top (what do they mean???). After a few seconds the macg website will load in place of newsblur!

Problem n°2:
After lesnumeriques in story mode, if i hit next and go to any other feed (not macg, anything else) which is supposed to be in feed mode, it will load in story mode.

I use lesnumeriques as an example since it’s one of the few feed I want to load in story mode.