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When I click “Everything” (river of news) or a folder, is there a way to view *all* items and not just unread items?

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Actually, right now you can *only* view all items. But only from feeds that have unread stories.

Once I launch social (the private beta is going very well), I’m going to be working on a revamp to how stories are marked as read, which means the River of News/Folder view will be rewritten to be much faster. This also includes the ability to sort by oldest unread, as well as see unreads much easier. This may be included in that feature set, although I haven’t figured out the UI to allow you to switch between them easily.

Cool thanks. Great to get a reply straight away - and from the developer himself! Loving the site!

Heh, from the developer himself. So you know, NewsBlur is a one-man operation, ala Pinboard. In fact, if you’re a developer yourself, go nuts with the source: