Videos auto-playing when feed is filtered

I’ve noticed this a few times before, and forgot to post afterwards, but this is a pretty terrifying bug.

Current setup:
Feed: Jezebel…
Newest First
Unread Only
Focus selected

I have two unread posts in the focus category for Jezebel. When I click on the feed to start reading a post, a few seconds later, sounds start happening, and then some more, and then more. I can count at least 3 distinct videos playing (at the same time) before it gets too weird to listen further.

Neither of the posts that are in focus have videos at all.

I imagine it’s something to do with the parsing of the feed to find the focus posts (which does tend to take quite a while) but playing videos in the background seems like a bit much!


It’s because the story is still being rendering but is hidden (so you can unhide it if you like).

Unfortunately, it’s more than a trivial task to unmarry the story score and its rendering in the Feed view. If this effects anybody else, please chime in so I know it’s not a super rare occurrence.