Video still playing after change current feed

I was watching a video on a feed. Then when i went to another feed while the video was playing, the video continued to play on background and didn’t stop


Oooh, I had been meaning to file this bug and glad someone else saved me the trouble! This has long been an issue that NB has that GReader didn’t - when you leave an original story, the frame/page isn’t destroyed, it’s just no longer visible. Any page with audio content will have this behaviour, and it’s sometimes quite difficult to get it back in view to stop things, requiring the NB tab to be closed.

Another related issue is that not only is this original view frame not destroyed, it’s re-used. Sometimes when loading a original view story, the previously-viewed story will breifly be visible, even if it was viewed quite some time ago. This has obvious and unsettling privacy implications.

Only in the Story view, not the Original view, right? I have a ridiculously aggressive kill on the Original view, but I don’t do much for the Story view.

I went ahead and fixed the Story view so it unloads when switching feeds. Let me know how that works.

Not only in the story view. In the feed view too.
In the feed view, always happen.
In the story view, if you are watching a video, then swap to the feed view, the video is still playing, even if go to the next article.